Cernit 500 g Trans Clay,...

ColorTranslucent White
Item Weight 500 Grams
Age Range (Description) Adult
Educational Objective Imaginatory Skills

About this item

- Oven-hardening polymer clay
- does not leave pigments on hands, odourless
- very flexible
- very strong once baked
- suitable for all techniques
- cut a piece + roll out (roll out is very important)
- lay overnight between two pieces of paper or alternatively put on top (extracts plasticizer)
- then the mass ready for use


    Victorinox 5.6603.15 6"...

    Blade material Stainless Steel
    Brand Victorinox
    Colour Silver/black
    Handle material Plastic
    Blade edge Plain
    Construction type Stamped
    Item weight 4.2 Ounces
    Blade colour Steel
    Is dishwasher-safe Yes

    For slicing through bone and cartilage For slicing around ribs and chops Slip-resistant handle Lightweight and comfortable Stamped construction


      Victorinox 6 Inch Curved...

      Blade Material Stainless Steel
      Brand Victorinox
      Color Black
      Handle Material Thermoplastic Rubber
      Blade Edge Plain
      Blade type: curved/narrow
      Blade length: 15 cm With blade of stainless steel

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        Boxiti Set - Lamy Safari...

        Brand Boxiti
        Color Lamy Safari | Charcoal | Fine Nib + 5 Black Ink Cartridges + Z28 Converter
        Material Metal Ink Color Blue + Black
        Point Type Fine

        🖋️ Made in Germany: The Lamy safari fountain pen is a timelessly modern writing instrument and is in a class of its own. Designed and made in Germany, ensures nothing but the best experience when performing your most important tasks.

        🖋️ Fine Nib: Sturdy, long-lasting stainless steel nib for pleasant and even ink flow. Designed carefully to avoid scratching the paper while having full control of your Lamy fountain pen. Each pen is tested before leaving the factory to ensure its quality therefore your pen may have a little bit of ink left on the nib when you receive it. 


          Addi | Express King Size...

          SizeKing Size
          Fuel Type Dual Fuel
          Ignition System Type Electronic

          About this item

          - Knitting fun at lightning speed, winding instead of knitting. Easy and fast
          - 46 Needles & electronic row counter and contains 5 replacement pins, 1 threading tool and 4 feel 2 clampers
          - Designed and built in Germany to exacting standards and using finest materials available. and Circular knitted items approx. 35cm
          - Plain knitted items up to 45cm wide
          - Recommended yarn thickness 3. 5mm to 8mm (DK to super chunky)


            Victorinox 6" Boning Knife,...

            Blade Material Stainless Steel
            Brand Victorinox
            Handle Material Wood Handle,Stainless Steel,Metal
            Blade Edge Plain
            Blade Length 6 Inches

            The Victorinox (formerly Forschner*) 6 inch Semi-Stiff, Curved Blade Boning Knife features a Classic Rosewood handle and extremely sharp blade that holds its edge. As with all Victorinox knives, the handle is ergonomically designed to minimize wrist tension and provides a natural fit.

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              Blade Material Stainless Steel
              Brand Victorinox
              Color Rosewood
              Handle Material Stainless Steel Blade
              Edge Plain

              CLASSIC DE-BONING TOOL. An elegant Rosewood handle and a blade that trims and removes meat from the bone with ease. This knife's pointed tip easily pierces meat while the curved-edge allows for smooth, clean cuts close to and around the bone.
              FOR DELICATE & THICK CUTS. Thicker meats like beef or pork require a less flexible knife to debone properly, but this knife's slight flexibility allows for a delicate touch. The curved yet semi-stiff blade allows for a better working angle when cutting close to and around the bone.
              EASY HANDLING. This knife features a Rosewood handle for a comfortable grip and easy handling. 

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                Kaweco Fountain Pen Ink...

                Brand Kaweco Ink Color Blue,Green,Red,Black Style Fountain Item Weight 130 Grams Number of Pieces 6 Kaweco Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges short Colours: Royal Blue (Blue), Midnight Blue (Blue black), Paradise Blue (Turquise), Caramel Brown (Brown), Pearl Black (Black), Summer Purple (Purple), Palm Green (Green), Ruby Red (Red) Pack of 48 (8 boxes) Made in Germany

                  Pica-Dry Longlife Automatic...

                  Brand Pica
                  Writing Instrument Form Graphite Pencil
                  Color Blue,Green,White
                  Ink Color Black,Blue,White
                  Age Range (Description) Kid, Teen, Adult

                  Includes a 10 pack of graphite 2B Leads For marking holes from 6mm Marks and writes on all materials and surfaces Automatic lead support

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                    Boxiti | Remote Key Cell...

                    Number of Batteries1 Lithium Metal batteries required.
                    Battery Cell CompositionLithium
                    Unit Count1 Count
                    Voltage3 Volts

                    • BATTERY VOLTAGE: 3 volts, Discharge rate: 100µa and standard charge current: 2Ma
                    • EFFICENCY: This coin cell battery is highly efficent with max voltage of 3 volts & 50mAh capacity
                    • PERFORMANCE: Genuine battery cell ensures long lasting and shelf life performance
                    • EASY INSTALLATION: No need to program it, Just remove battery from keyfob and use new one.
                    • GUARANTEE: This 3v battery cell comes with Boxiti Wipe and 100% money back guarantee
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                      Kaweco INK-BK refills,...

                      Brand Kaweco Ink Color Black Item Dimensions LxWxH 1.46 x 0.3 x 1.46 inches Number Of Pieces 6 Contents: ink cartridges 6 pieces. Type: black ink Each Kaweco ink cartridge contains 1 ml of original Kaweco ink. Made in Germany. Available in international standard size.

                        Lamy Fountain Pen Ink...

                        Brand Lamy
                        Ink Color Black
                        Style Fountain
                        Item Dimensions LxWxH 7.1 x 2.25 x 1 inches
                        Number of Pieces 20

                        Giant ink cartridge for all Lamy fountain pen models. Package with 20 cartridges.

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                          De'Longhi DeLonghi Double...

                          Capacity2 Ounces
                          StyleEspresso Glasses (Set of 2)

                          About this item

                          - Double wall thermos glasses
                          - Keeps drinks hot or cold
                          - Condensation free
                          - Dishwasher safe
                          - Capacity: 2 ounce /60 milliliter


                            One Piece Monopoly Board Game

                            Brand Winning Moves Games
                            Material Plastic
                            Theme Anime
                            Genre Family
                            Number of Players 2-8

                            The world’s favourite family board game brings this exciting edition of One Piece Monopoly Choose your favourite bespoke One Piece character playing token and tour your favourite One Piece characters Advance to Bellamy, Violet, or even Luffy - will you owe rent or reap the rewards? Build your house and hotels and trade your way to success The Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game is fun for the whole family


                              Kaweco Mini Converter Sport...

                              Brand Kaweco
                              Color Black/ Clear
                              Ink Color Black
                              Age Range (Description) Adult
                              Material Brass

                              Kaweco Converter Mini- 2 pack

                              Body Color: Black, Clear The converter fits perfectly for following series: Kaweco CLASSIC Sport, Kaweco ICE Sport, Kaweco SKYLINE Sport, Kaweco AL Sport, Kaweco AL Stonewashed, Kaweco AC Sport, Kaweco BRASS Sport It measures 33mm long when closed, and 52mm when open Pull System to suck the ink inside


                                G7th Performance 3 Capo...

                                Brand G7th
                                Color Silver
                                Material Silver,Steel,Nylon
                                Style Modern
                                Item Weight 0.1 Pounds

                                Adaptive Radius Technology - gives you maximum tuning stability by mechanically matching the curvature over the strings in ANY position, on ANY guitar neck (steel string acoustic, electric or hybrid nylon). Unique Tension Control - By simply squeezing to attach and squeezing to release, the Performance 3 capo gives you complete and intuitive control over the pressure you place on your strings, meaning you can have confidence that you are in control and will keep your guitar in tune. Easy to use - Designed for one-handed use, in any sized hands. With a little practice it's nearly as quick to move between frets as a spring capo, but without the need for frequent retuning. Versatile