• GYEON Quartz Q²M Smoothie Microfiber Car Wash Mitt - Ultra Soft Glide - Korean Microfiber Blend - Lint Free - Extended
    • GYEON Quartz Q²M Smoothie Microfiber Car Wash Mitt - Ultra Soft Glide - Korean Microfiber Blend - Lint Free - Extended
    • GYEON Quartz Q²M Smoothie Microfiber Car Wash Mitt - Ultra Soft Glide - Korean Microfiber Blend - Lint Free - Extended
    • GYEON Quartz Q²M Smoothie Microfiber Car Wash Mitt - Ultra Soft Glide - Korean Microfiber Blend - Lint Free - Extended
    • GYEON Quartz Q²M Smoothie Microfiber Car Wash Mitt - Ultra Soft Glide - Korean Microfiber Blend - Lint Free - Extended

    GYEON Quartz Q²M Smoothie Microfiber Car Wash Mitt - Ultra Soft Glide - Korean Microfiber Blend - Lint Free - Extended

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    • ULTRA SOFT - The basic properties of a decent glove dedicated to car washing are its softness and, equally, its ability to absorb pollutants. GYEON makes premium detailing supplies that bring your car detailing kit to the next level.
    • LIFTS DIRT OFF SURFACE - The safety of washing is critical to the maintenance of a vehicle, so we’ve put a lot of effort into providing you with the best possible tools.
    • SMOOTH GLIDE - Q²M Smoothie glides over the surface collecting dirt particles in the safest possible way. The washing process feels more “lubricated” and smooth.
    • NONSLIP FIT - The mitt is equipped with an ergonomic welt protecting it from slipping or falling. It is made of genuine Korean material and custom sewn by Gyeon
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    Gyeon Smoothie features hundreds of thousands of ultra-soft microfiber strands that gently loosen and lift grime away from underlying surfaces during the wash process, thus significantly reducing the chances of inflicting fine scratches and marring. Advice on maintenance: Machine wash, maximum 86 Degrees F. Do not tumble dry, do not Iron, do not bleach. HOW TO USE: Soak Smoothie Wash Mitt into a bucket of water with a shampoo of your choice and apply onto the surface of the vehicle. Gently allow the mitt to glide over the painted surface and remove any dirt/grime that is present. For those hard to remove dirt/grime areas, we recommend applying more pressure and gently rub until its gone.

    Data sheet

    Item model number
    Is Discontinued By Manufacturer
    Item Weight
    0.32 ounces
    GYEON quartz Cloth
    Date First Available
    March 1 2016
    Manufacturer Part Number
    GYEON quartz Cloth
    Package Dimensions
    10.7 x 6.8 x 2.3 inches
    Special Features
    Lint Free Scratch Free

    Specific References

    Decent wash mitt, but egronomically odd
    rating 3
    The wash mitt is soft and I haven't had any issues losing strings, but there's a divider down the middle of the inside that makes it feel weird to use, like you're supposed to wash your car while making the "Spock" sign.
    rating 5
    Great value.
    Great product
    rating 5
    holly abisch
    Detailing my vehicle
    Pricey for what it is...
    rating 4
    Works fine, a little stiff as a mitt. I just use it in hand, which I suppose risks dropping. There is a sponge sewn in that is fine for retaining soapy water from bucket to target, but it makes it very stiff. Nice fabric cuff, but it just is a lot of trouble to wear, and the mitt is stitched through to make for two finger-compartments...even less comfy for me. The mitt rinses and sheds dirt well. Too expensive for what this is in my opinion.
    First class
    rating 5
    Mike bonge
    First class
    This is by far the better wash mitt I've used
    rating 5
    This is by far the better wash mitt I've used. Its dense and the internal stitch makes it easy to handle. The fact its washable is a bonus. I would definitely recommend if you care about your paint.
    Gyeon is the best.
    rating 5
    I don’t usually touch my paint when I wash. I usually use the foam cannon and a pressure washer but if have to I will use this, one of the smoothest and softest on the market.
    He's seen nothing but good results from using this wash mitt
    rating 5
    Joseph Richard
    I've upgraded to using Gyeon products, and it was time to upgrade my wash mitt. I used it the same day it came in, no regrets purchasing this. I've been able to encourage my friend who owns a detailing business to upgrade to these wash mitts and he loves them. He does a lot of high-end cars and he was looking for a wash mitt that would be safe on paint. He's seen nothing but good results from using this wash mitt.
    I lost my car pro wool mitt and purchased this ...
    rating 3
    K. Thao
    I lost my car pro wool mitt and purchased this as a replacement. I have used this wash mitt for about three times now and I can feel a bit more friction on painted surfaces compared to the wool mitt. It has two pockets inside so that you can put two fingers per pocket for more grip. I'll probably use this on my front bumper to clean up any bugs that don't get blasted off by my water hose.

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